MHS Group Srl

MHS Group Srl

The holding company of Mechanica, hub of people and ideas, control centre of our business and of industrial development.

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Founded in 1978 by the intuition of its founder, Giancarlo Padovani, Mechanica® has always been based on values linked to innovation and ability to be close to its customers to solve issues related to handling, leaving them free to concentrate on their business. Today with MHS Group everything is coordinated and optimised to deliver services and reliability at the highest levels. The experience of the whole team allows Mechanica® to interface with leaders in the manufacturing sector, the main airports, financial and government institutions around the world to provide integrated or turnkey solutions, fruit of its knowledge. The high number of patents attests to the effervescence of the minds working within the various sections and are a guarantee of responses always adapted to the situation in a mix of creativity and professionalism that has always proved to be winning for nearly four decades. The propensity for the future launches Mechanica® towards increasingly interesting challenges and the fast development of technologies keeps the whole group always busy looking to the future.


Via C.A. Dalla Chiesa, 74/76
20037 Paderno Dugnano (MI) - Italy
T +39 02 991 996 1
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