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Thanks to our vision and measuring systems each production line improves its performance.

Measurement Systems Profile - Mectho srl

Industrial and artificial intelligence vision, these are areas where Mechanica© Measurement Systems is specialised, to monitor and measure flows of objects or people and guarantee a continuous and reliable service. Created as a spin off from the Politecnico di Milano, a university with which it still collaborates on research projects, it is now integrated in the Mechanica® brand to provide simple answers to complicated questions such as 2D or 3D recognition of non-compliant items on production lines, airports or handling of packages or people flow management. Registered in the "NVIDIA Inception Program" which brings together the major companies involved with artificial intelligence, it designs and manufactures vision systems for places that require a high safety standard. These next-generation technologies are revolutionising vision systems and offer great opportunities for the foreseeable future. Affiliation with the brand Mechanica® guarantees greater reliability for synergy with other parts of the Group and for the "brain factory" always ready to provide new solutions in terms of problem solving.


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