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Production lines designed, planned and implemented taking care of every detail, in order to improve the efficiency of your plant.

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Having an efficient production line from every point of view is the heart of the good functioning of both medium and large sized industries. Mechanica® with the Handling Systems section addresses this need by proposing the "global system" since its founding that has always provided a single and highly specialised point of contact. This is the key to our success. The deep knowledge of design solutions and installation, integration and management dynamics guarantee facilities created to produce with improved performance, while assuring at the same time better cost management. Mechanica® Handling Systems is specialised in handling the world's leading manufacturers of home appliances, and more generally of all companies looking for handling solutions, from single assembly lines up to global logistics solutions. Affiliation with the brand Mechanica® guarantees greater reliability for synergy with other parts of the Group and for the "brain factory" always ready to provide new solutions in terms of problem solving.


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